words // Zack Schlemmer

As true now as when this 1988 ad was printed, New Balance has long been a frontrunner in quality innovation in athletic shoe technology.  This two page spread boasts a few of the company's firsts including the padded Action Collar in basketball shoes, the Motion Control Device to help keep your feet in place while running, and Encap EVA cushioned midsolesAlso just like in 1988, New Balance is one of the few companies to offer most of their shoes in various widths, ensuring everyone has a shoe that fits perfectly. 

Take a look at a few of New Balance's firsts in this ad, including the recently re-released 990 from 1982, which was the first shoe to use the Motion Control Device for enhanced stability (and also the first running shoe to reach a $100 price tag). 

"When you buy from a company that's had so many firsts, you're certain to get a shoe that's second to none."  -- That's a pretty solid argument, if you ask me.