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As much as we love seeing year-end highlights, we are cheerleaders for foolishness here at Sole Collector. The following collection of plays celebrates some moments the involved players would probably rather forget. But not us. We like watching these plays over and over.

The Season // 10 NBA Lowlights

Carlos Boozer Punches Danny Crawford

Carlos Boozer catches a lot of criticism for his general lack of fire on the court, exorbitant contract, and that time he sprayed on hair. But for a brief moment this year, CBooz became the envy of basketball fans everywhere, when he accidentally assaulted a ref.

The Season // 10 NBA Lowlights - Carlos Boozer Punches Danny Crawford

Marc Gasol Uses his Shoe for Defense

You don't get to be Defensive Player of the Year by NOT using all of the tools at your disposal.

The Season // 10 Lowlights - Marc Gasol Uses His Shoe for Defense

Amir Johnson Double Dribbles

Amir Johnson may be all smiles, but this is the face of a guilty man.

The Season // 10 Lowlights - Amir Johnson Double Dribbles

Blake Griffin for Three

Blake Griffin is great at a lot of things, and not so good at some others. Dunking? Great. Help D? He's barely even familiar with the concept. Kia Commercials (both on and off-court)? Great. Corner 3s? Not so much. Take a look.

The Season // 10 Lowlights - Blake Griffin for Three

Bulls inbound 

Certain teams and coaches are known for their great inbound plays out of a timeout. For example, Doc Rivers and the Celtics. Others, such as Eric Spolstra and the Heat leave you wondering what exactly was discussed during a timeout, because it surely couldn't have been the following play. The Chicago Bulls took it to a whole different level on this play though.

The Season // 10 Lowlights - Chicago Bulls Inbound Fail

Russell Westbrook from Half Court

Context is everything with this play. Were time expiring, this could have been a totally reasonable decision. But time wasn't expiring. As if it were between plays at a local pick-up game, Russ heaved this half-court shot (with a defender on him), with 19 seconds on the shot clock.

The Season // 10 Lowlights - Russell Westbrook From Halfcourt

Lance Stephenson Misses Dunk

You could say Lance Stephenson "choked" on this dunk attempt.

The Season // 10 Lowlights - Lance Stephenson Misses Dunk

The Season // 10 Lowlights - Lance Stephenson Misses Dunk

Chris Kaman Eurostep

Just because he's of German descent, doesn't mean Chris Kaman is ready to eurostep.

The Season // 10 Lowlights - Chris Kaman's Eurostep

Kendrick Perkins Goes Behind the Back to Kobe

Knowing your own limitations is one of the most important things for a basketball player to recognize. Kendrick Perkins ventured a little too far outside his comfort zone here.

The Season // 10 Lowlights - Kendrick Perkins Behind-the-Back to Kobe

JaVale McGee Goes Coast to Coast

A list such as this could be filled exclusively with JaVale McGee plays. But in order to give some shine to other players, we've limited him to only his finest moment of the season. This coast-to-coast drive included a behind the back dribble, a fall, an alley-oop that soars over the backboard, and an accidental taking out the knees of teammate Ty Lawson.

The Season // 10 Lowlights - JaVale McGee Coast to Coast