words // Zack Schlemmer
images // Nick DePaula

Marquis Daniels is a pretty interesting dude.  Undrafted success story, valuable role player, rapper, owner of a medallion of his own head, driver of a giant pimped-out van, tattoo aficionado, and current keeper of the NBA's longest hair are a few of his intriguing titles. In a league with players who think they are interesting/ funny/ charismatic (*cough* Dwight Howard *cough*), Marquis is quietly one of the biggest characters in the NBA.

"Quiet" is definitely a great adjective to describe 'Quis. Even with his eccentricities, he mostly keeps to himself on and off the court, and stays a very likable individual for doing so.  That's why he was an easy pick for me among the current Bucks players when choosing a "Big Buck" Hardwood Classics jersey.

This REV30 jersey by adidas features the classic green and purple road alternate design worn by the Bucks for the 1995-96 and 1996-97 NBA seasons, brought back for the first time this year to the delight of all NBA jersey nerds. adidas did a great job on the Big Buck uniforms, reproducing the  originals worn by Glenn Robinson, Vin Baker, Ray Allen and company almost to a T (one difference  being the V-neck instead of the original rounded neck cut). 

Check out detailed images of the Big Buck below, and watch for Marquis and the Milwaukee Bucks in this year's playoffs, making their first postseason appearance since the 2009-10 season. Did their awesome throwback uniforms help them out a little bit this year?