words // Nick DePaula

Never shy this season to switch in and out of various Under Armour sneakers to keep us guessing on a nightly basis, Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings once again broke out a new pair on the hardwood last night.

He rocked Cam Newton's signature Cam Highlight Trainer for the first time in Red / Black, while leading the Bucks to a home win against the Utah Jazz that went down to the wire in overtime.

Listed at just 9.25 ounces, the Cam Trainer certainly offers the "light and low to the ground" feel that Brandon usually prefers. He poured in 20 points and dished out 17 assists in 46 minutes of game time, keeping the Bucks locked into the playoffs down the stretch.

After the game, Brandon even posted his own photo of his game shoes on Instagram, with the caption, "Thanks Cam Newton!"