words // Brandon Richard

Today, adidas Originals launched its new 2013 global campaign, "Unite All Originals." At the center of the launch is the adidas collider hosted at adidas.com/unite, an online application that allows users to explore original content. Additionally, "Unite All Originals" debuts with a 90-second hero film, created with help from DJ/producer A-Trak and direction/visual artist SoMe.

“The adidas collider is the perfect execution to bring "Unite All Originals" to life”, says Hermann Deininger, CMO of the adidas brand. “It is an innovative way of navigating content across the web, showcasing many different types of originality; from music producers to designers and digital artists to sculptors. The adidas collider is the next step in how we will approach our consumer digitally bringing him or her to the forefront of culture and showcasing how adidas Originals brings people together to create new forms of originality.”

"Unite All Originals" is a digital-lead global initiative that will be active across advertising, PR, retail and online channels. Select markets will also run TV advertising.

You can get your first look at the new Originals campaign in the video above.

adidas Originals Launches "Unite All Originals" Campaign