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via Press Release

In addition to unveiling its brand new "I WILL" global campaign at a press event in New York City today, Under Armour officially launched Armour39, a digital performance monitor engineered to measure what matters most to athletes: WILLpower.

Utilizing a strapped module, athletes will receive a WILLpower score ranging from 0.0 to 10.0 after each workout, based on a proprietary algorithm that combines a range of dynamic inputs including workout duration, body position, user profile and key heart rate measures. WILLpower will allow users to objectively measure hard and light takes to ensure that they are training effectively. Calories and intensity are also measured.

Through a monthly assessment program, Armour39 customizes its its measurements to each individual athlete. The device straps to the center of your body to capture and measure all dynamic movements regardless of workout style.

Starting on February 15, Armour39 will be available for pre-sale at UA.com. The Armour39 system will be sold in March at UA.com and Under Armour’s Brand House. The Armour39 watch retails for $200, module & strap for $150 and the app will be available to download for free on iTunes.

Under Armour Armour39 Officially Launched