adidas 2012-2013 NBA Hardwood Classics Uniforms

words // Brandon Richard

Recalling some of the NBA's most memorable players and franchises, adidas is brining back seven bold and unique NBA uniforms from the 90s. The uniforms capture a distinct era in basketball history and will be worn during NBA Hardwood Classics Nights — 10 nationally televised games played through March.

Jerseys have been updated with revolutionary performance technology for today's game. Fans can grab their own Hardwood Classic Retro jerseys at and team shops for $100. Uniforms include Atlanta Hawks “Spreadwings,” Chicago Bulls "Pinstripe," Indiana Pacers “Classic Pinstripe,” Miami Heat “Deep Red,” Milwaukee Bucks "Full Buck," Phoenix Suns “Steaming Sun” and Sacramento Kings “Checkerboard.”

Hardwood Classics Game Schedule:

Wednesday, Jan. 30: Los Angeles Lakers at Phoenix Suns (ESPN)
Friday, Feb. 1: Miami Heat at Indiana Pacers (ESPN)
Friday, Feb. 8: Los Angeles Clippers at Miami Heat (ESPN)
Saturday, Feb. 9: Utah Jazz at Sacramento Kings (NBA TV)
Thursday, Feb. 14: Miami Heat at Oklahoma City Thunder (TNT)
Wednesday, Feb. 20: Atlanta Hawks at Miami Heat (ESPN)
Thursday, Feb. 21: Miami Heat at Chicago Bulls (TNT)
Saturday, March 3: Chicago Bulls at Indiana Pacers (ESPN)
Sunday, March 10: Chicago Bulls at LA Lakers (ABC)
Saturday, March 30: Indiana Pacers at Phoenix Suns (NBA TV)


adidas NBA Hardwood Classics - Atlanta Hawks "Spreadwings"

adidas NBA Hardwood Classics - Chicago Bulls "Pinstripe"

adidas NBA Hardwood Classics - Indiana Pacers "Pinstripe"

adidas NBA Hardwood Classics - Miami Heat "Deep Red"

adidas NBA Hardwood Classics - Milwaukee Bucks Full Buck

adidas NBA Hardwood Classics - Phoenix Suns "Steaming Sun"

adidas NBA Hardwood Classics - Sacramento Kings "Checkerboard"