words // Nick DePaula

It's been awhile since our last "Disaster Strikes" feature, because clearly, what could compare to this.

Then again, I just laid eyes on the new ATV 19+ from Reebok, a footwear monstronsity in every sense of the word.

Sometimes form follows function, and the appearance of a performance product may take influence from the intended action. Other times, well, all aesthetics and tech intentions may perhaps be thrown the hell out the window.

What we have on our hands here is a fairly visually assaulting specimen of nubuck, synthetics and foam, all coming together under the guise of "a footwear all-terrain vehicle," as some have so generously described it.

While the "19" in the model name highlights the nineteen "irregular lugs" along the platform -- surely tuned for performance training -- you can't also help but notice the imbalance throughout, from both the overall design and the outsole pistons themselves.

Best of all, these trainers headlined by none other than Rampage Jackson will hit you for $140.

Our instagram followers had no problem sounding off on them recently, but what do you make of the ATV 19+?