words & images // Nick DePaula

When it comes to Retro models these days, some can be perfectly executed and some can be completely botched with incorrect heights and new branding hits.

The good news for longtime fans of one of Reebok's most iconic signature models, the Kemp-worn Kamikaze II, is that the Retro version hitting today is pretty damn close to dead on. 

It's been one of my favorite sneakers ever since they first hit during the mid-90's, and I couldn't help but pull out my original size 13 pair and compare every last detail alongside a new size 13 Retro pair.

As you'll see ahead, aside from the obviously missing "KEMP" hit on the toe, they're pretty close. Vector logo hits along the heel and tongue are now fully green, as compared to the two-color logo hit found on the original. The outsole is also now entirely black, with the forefoot outsole Vector logo seen in a brighter shade of red.

Other than those minor details, the overall shape, silhouette and materials are largely left unchanged. 

Check out a Retro vs OG comparison of the Kamikaze II below, and let us know if you spot any other differences.