words // Zack Schlemmer

It's hard to believe that it's been ten years since the Dada CDUBBZ dropped.  Chris Webber has a long list of sneaker endorsements, but we should all be most thankful for his early 2000's stint on Dada.  Why? Because it produced these chrome beauties, of course.  

The early 2000's were a weird time. It was a time when pro basketball players could have chromed-out signature shoes, or even spinners on their signature shoes (both from Dada, by the way).  Sprewell's Spinners are another story, we'll stick to the CDUBBZ for now. C-Webb's shiny CDUBBZ featured a chrome panel (also available in a "wood kit") for the ultimate "Luxury Basketball" sneaker.  The CDUBBZ would end up in Eastbay in a large variety of team colors (please let us know if your high school basketball team wore them), but the most iconic colorway would be the black and chrome version seen in this ad. And don't forget one of the most memorable All Star Game shoes ever: the all-chrome colorway Webber wore in 2002

So check out the original CDUBBZ ad below, and reminisce with us about one of the greatest shoes from the Velour Age.