words // Zack Schlemmer

With Reebok Classics pleasing many sneaker collectors with the re-releases of many of their classic models lately, this week we decided to take a look back at their classic and iconic Instapump Fury runner with this awesome two page ad.

Though it's seen numerous re-releases, modified models, and collaboration versions through the years, most would agree that the original from 1994 is still the best.  The Instapump Fury was quite a shoe for its time. Think about how many other shoes there were like this in 1994...none!  The Fury featured a futuristic, laceless die-cut design for the upper with Instapump technology, which allowed a customized fit for every wearer by inflating a series of chambers around the shoe. (Plus, you got to use that cool little CO² cartridge pump.)

Perhaps the most groundbreaking feature of the Instapump Fury was use of a "Graphlite" plate, years before Nike utilized a carbon fiber plate in the Air Jordan XI and beyond.  In this ad Reebok claims that the plate was as strong as steel and allowed 30% of the material from the midsole to be removed, providing a much lighter shoe.

On top of the technology and design of the shoe, the most eye-catching feature was the colorway.  The bright neon yellow and red was sure to grab your attention if the rest of the shoe didn't.  This colorway has returned, but if you're listening, Swizz, we always welcome another release (and please bring back the original honeycomb-shaped cut of the visible Hexalite in the heel while you're at it!).