words // Zack Schlemmer

For this week's Vintage Ad we feature a funky, yet still awesome shoe from the Nike archives.  The Nike Air NDESTRUKT from 1995 is the original basketball shoe under the durable NDESTRUKT line. 

The Air NDESTRUKT is kind of like the Super Shredder version of the Air Darwin before it, featuring even more durability with a leather, triple-stitched upper, rubber toe cap, and ultra-tough DRC rubber outsole.  Especially since it used Nike ACG-like colorways, the Air NDESTRUKT was truly a basketball boot, made to last on the outdoor court.

Although many of us would probably agree that this shoe is totally dope, it is hard to imagine Nike will ever green-light a retro release for it.  But maybe it's better that way, as one of those weird and fabled models of Nike's past.