words // Brandon Richard

You have to give it up to Reebok Classics Creative Director Swizz Beatz. When he's made sneaker-related promises, he's generally made it a point to deliver. When sneakerheads scoffed at leaked images of an updated Shaqnosis 2012 sample earlier this year, Swizz told us that the shoe was scrapped and to expect a true Shaqnosis retro in the future. Well, here we are in November, and it appears that we're finally getting this long-awaited re-release.

Tonight on Instagram, Swizz shared a photo of what we assume is a dust bagged 2013 Shaqnosis sample. The caption read, "You see what's in this BAG! Look real close." 

Yes, we see what's in the bag, and we like it.

This news, of course, follows Tuesday's Shaq Attaq retro announcement.

No word on when we can expect the Shaqnosis to return to retail, but we'll be all over this story as it continues to develop.

Swizz Beatz Teases 2013 Reebok Shaqnosis Retro