words // Nick DePaula

Rasheed Wallace being back in the league is awesome for several reasons.

There's the potential for tons of ridiculous technical fouls, amazing stories of him exclusively shooting lefty threes from the corner during pre-game shootarounds, and of course, definitely most importantly, the iconic player exclusive Air Force 1s that he'll be lacing up on the regular.

For tonight's game in his hometown of Philly, Sheed suited up for the Knicks in this Royal / White Air Force 1 High PE while dropping 10 points in just 13 minutes.

They were actually custom made for Wallace during his stint with the Detroit Pistons a few seasons ago, but nevertheless, seeing the "Sheedman" logo in oversized fashion back on an NBA court is surely welcome. 

Word is that Sheed's new shipment of size 13 Knicks-themed Air Force 1s are arriving this week, so stay tuned for more sightings of the sneakers he's been wearing for well over a decade on-court.