words // Zack Schlemmer

In this day and age with everyone from 15 to 55 trying to be a sneaker reseller, it's not surprising that a disagreement over sneakers made it all the way to court.  Watch as two self-declared "businessmen" take their dispute over a sneaker trade gone wrong all the way to Judge Judy. 

The entire case is a bit confusing (I'm still not sure what the Air Jordan III DB's are doing there), but the moral of the story is simple: Don't try to be a sneaker reseller if you don't know what you are doing, and ESPECIALLY if you're using your mom's Paypal account for your transactions...and also, don't declare on the internet the fact that you are trying to rip somebody off.  

Watch as Judge Judy puts these two kids in their place as the case unfolds and hilarity ensues.  While these clueless kids and their moms' case is pretty funny, surely some of you have experienced serious disputes that you wouldn't mind taking to the courts.  Will you be the next sneaker head on Judge Judy?