361° Degrees Kevin Love 1.5 (1)

words // Brandon Richard

Giving Steve Nash a solid run for the title of most confusing endorsement deal is Kevin Love, who continues to hoop in Nike sneakers despite being signed to China-based 361°. Here's a new look at the 361°shoe being referred to as the Kevin Love 1.5, which Kevin debuted in a "USA" colorway during this past summer's Olympic Games in London.

The Love 1.5 features what appears to be 361's version of Hyperfuse construction, supported by a sturdy herringbone rubber outsole. No official Love logos appear on the shoe, but 361° branding is visible in at least three areas.

Following D-Wade's deal with Li-Ning, do you think it'd be wise for Love and 361° to work on a deal that's a little more exclusive? Also, do you think shoes like this are a step in the right direction for the brand?

361° Degrees Kevin Love 1.5 (2)

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