words // Zack Schlemmer

Shawn Kemp's Kamikaze and Kamikaze II are among Reebok's most popular models of all time...but there was more to Kemp's signature line after the classic Kamikazes. During the 1996-97 NBA season the Reignman wore the Aftershok.  Like the Kamikazes before them, the Aftershok also had an aggressive design to match Kemp's ferocious on-court play. Complete with visible Hexalite in the heel and an icy clear sole, the Aftershok is a great, but unfortunately forgotten model in Reebok's mid-90's basketball arsenalPerhaps Swizz can bring them back?

In this ad we see Kemp in his Seattle Sonics jacket, which he would not be wearing by the end of the 96-97 season. He was traded to the Cleveland Cavs, beginning the unfortunate down-turn of his career.  At least he started the season off right in the Reebok Aftershok.