After chronicling The Rotations of the SC Team, the recurring feature will now take a look at key members of the sneaker community. 

The Rotation
by "PHASE2" aka Jermaine Tolentino

Alaskan summers can be a bit on the unpredictable side, so I tend to diversify my sneaker rotation. I'm sure everyone can agree that our rotations are always changing and evolving. The variance really depends on what I'm doing, how I'm feeling and what the weather's like. Believe it or not, our summers here aren't too horrible. Some people think that we get snow all year long...that's definitely not the case.

Out of all these pairs, I gravitate toward the Black/Cement Air Jordan IIIs the most. It's the perfect shoe for any occasion in my eyes.

Like I said, our summers are kind of hard to predict. When it's not sunny, it's usually raining up a storm around town. That's when I'd throw on the LeBron 9 IDs. I'm a huge Warriors fan, especially the 06-07 squad - hence the older colorway inspiration.

Lifting weights and playing basketball are things I do on a weekly basis. I always try to go through different shoes for longevity purposes, but I've been grabbing my White/Navy LeBron IIs and Yeezy KD IVs more than the rest lately.

These Roshe Runs have been my go-to shoes throughout most of the summer. They are comfortable, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing with the simple design. The midsoles are also super easy to clean. You really can't go wrong with the Roshes on your feet!

Undefeated "special occasion" summer shoe.

The Rotation // Phase2