words // Zack Schlemmer

The Kicks on Cards Collection is back for another weekly look at sneaker sightings on your favorite old trading cards.  This week has a nice variety and we'll get it started with Charles Barkley on an oversized NBA Jam Session card in the Nike Air Max2 CB.  Also known as the CB '94, Charles Barkley's second signature shoe was released in - you guessed it - 1994 and was the first basketball model to utilize the new Air Max2 technology.  Its design was inspired by straight jackets, a nod to Barkley's intense on court demeanor.  With various retro releases, the Air Max2 CB conitinues to be Barkley's most popular signature model of all time.

Next up is Penny Hardaway, in not one of his celebrated signature models, but a more obscure shoe from his early days in the NBA: the Nike Air Prevail.  The Prevail was a mid-level Air Maestro-esque model from 1994, ideal for guards and forwards.  Penny wore them during his rookie season. 

A forgotten Reebok signature model is then seen with Glenn Robinson's Reebok Rail.  From 1996, the Rail is another classic from Reebok's golden age of basketball sneaker design.  Its bold design features a sweeping "rail" across the length of the shoe.  Most known for its black/white/red colorway, Big Dog is seen here wearing the black and white colorway.  Are there any Rail fans out there that would like to see it return with the Reebok Classics line?

To finish up this week's collection we have A.C. Green in the Nike Air Revolution and Jim Jackson in the Air Jordan Jumpman Pro: one of Jordan Brand's best non-numbered releases ever.  What are your favorites this week?


Charles Barkley -- Nike Air Max2 CB


Penny Hardaway -- Nike Air Prevail


Glenn Robinson -- Reebok Rail

A.C. Green -- Nike Air Revolution


Jim Jackson -- Jordan Brand Jumpman Pro