words // Nick DePaula

Earlier this summer, Nike's limited edition "ParaNorman" Foamposite certainly caught everyone's attention, as Nike unveiled the shoe in conjunction with the launch of the animated movie of the same name from Laika Studios. 

The studio just so happens to be ran by Phil Knight's son, Travis.

Featuring a printed Foamposite upper with custom logos and touches throughout the collar, the graphics on the shoe were actually created by Portland-based artist Joel Colley. He's done quite a few amazing pieces, like this one, so be sure to browse through his personal site.

Colley worked with both Tinker Hatfield and Tiffany Beers from Nike's Innovation Kitchen on the project, and the three recently linked up to talk about the success of the sneaker that went on to raise over $203,000 on eBay for the Born This Way Foundation.

During the meeting, Tinker surprised Colley with a custom made pair of the Air Raid, one of Tinker's favorite models that he designed. The custom made Raids were signed by both Hatfield and Beers, and feature Colley's graphics splashed even more prominently all throughout the upper.

Check out Joel's gift below and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

via @JoelPDX & @DavidTrujillo