words // Zack Schlemmer

The 2012 NFL season starts tomorrow night with the opening game matchup between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, so for today's Classic Commercial we'll take a look at an old Nike Football ad. 

This commercial features Hall Of Famer running back Marshall Faulk early in his career with the Indianapolis Colts.  Faulk was one of the greatest running backs of his time and ranks #10 on the career rushing yards list with 12,279 yards.  As demonstrated in this commercial, he was hard to stop. 

From muscle cars to fighter jets, no defense could stop Marshall in his Nike Air Barrage turf trainers.  The Air Barrage was a popular turf trainer from 1995-96 worn by any number of NFL players on AstroTurf game days as well as any number of kids wearing them casually on school days.  It was a big and tough looking shoe with a large midfoot strap and midsole "pods" or "teeth".  The Barrage was no stranger to Nike's shameless branding of the mid-90's (think Air More Uptempo) with a giant "AIR" across the midsole and at least five swooshes on each shoe. 

Even though it was one of the most popular turf trainers of its time, the Air Barrage has never returned with a retro release.  Especially with recent turf trainer retros like the Speed Turf, isn't it overdue for a comeback?