words // Zack Schlemmer

It's hard to believe it, but Jerry Stackhouse, who was drafted in 1995 is still in the NBA and about to begin the 2012 season with Brooklyn Nets, 17 years after entering the league. The definition of journeyman, Stackhouse will be playing for the eighth team of his career and has outlasted FILA, his original shoe sponsor, in the NBA. 

Back in FILA's glory days of the mid-90's, they had a solid shoe line up and a solid roster of NBA players with the likes of Grant Hill (another NBA old man) and Stackhouse with his second signature shoe, the Stack II. The Stack II followed up his first shoe, the Stack, quite successfully with another memorable design featuring an icy sole and two big, bold lines merging at the center of the shoe.  In this commercial we see Jerry, for some reason, take his game to new heights while ballin' on the beams of a skyscraper construction site, also ruining lunches and frightening little old ladies in the process.  Kids, don't try this at home!