In 2010, Sole Collector celebrated its 10th Anniversary and 200,000 registered forum members. Less than two years later, you all have nearly doubled that number and words cannot express how appreciative we are of your continued support.

With new sneakerheads discovering Sole Collector every day, there's a constant need for upgrades on the tech side of things. Hoping to deliver you the best experience possible here, we'll be taking on a pretty large project this Friday. New, powerful servers will be installed that will require approximately 12 to 24 hours of site downtime.

You may want to tie up any loose ends on the forums prior to Friday, though we do expect to be up and running by Saturday. If you have any questions, our admin and moderator staff will be happy to assist you in the Lounge section of the forums.

For sneaker news and Q&A, you'll still be able to interact with us on Twitter @SoleCollector, Instagram @SoleCollector and

In the days ahead, we'll update you with a specific start time for the upgrade. Thank You for your patience.

Maintenance Thank You