words // Brennan Hiro Williams

Nike Skateboarding presents the new Nike SB Challenge Court, a retooling of the classic sneaker originally worn by tennis legend John McEnroe in 1984. 

Gino Iannucci, the original Nike Skateboarding team member, helped modify the new SB Challenge Court, adding subtle technical tweaks and a new colorway. The shoe features a nylon mesh and full-grain leather upper, along with Lunarlon cushioning and a bi-level hobnail cupsole

As a young boy growing up in Long Island, New York, Iannucci spent his time on both a skateboard and on the tennis court. While the former turned into a career for Iannucci, the skate pro still finds time to play tennis several times a week, and credits John McEnroe for influencing his own competitive spirit. 

"John McEnroe just didn’t care and he played with so much emotion," recalled Iannucci. "He never held back and always spoke his mind. Tennis never saw that attitude until he came around. I admire how he did things his way and didn't conform to anything. He stood for just being yourself, whether good or bad. There’s honor in that."  

The commercial (shown above) features the two Nike legends, following Iannucci on the streets of New York City as he channels McEnroe's famous "Rebel Without a Cause" Nike ad. 

The Nike SB Challenge Court releases at select Nike retailers this Thursday, August 23. Retail price is set at $80.