words // Nick DePaula

Have trouble tracking down a set of the Jordan "Golden Moment Pack" that released this weekend?

Perhaps you didn't luck out with your local shop's raffle. Or you might've had trouble logging onto several webstores and adding the $350 pack to your cart in time.

Or maybe someone ahead of you in a first-come first-serve line was relying on family members and friends to snatch up several packs at once. Which apparently did happen.

Thanks to this sad but extensive compilation of photos that Style Engine put together, amassed from pictures willingly posted around the internets on the usual suspects like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we've got a one-stop look at just how serious resellers are taking the brand's biggest launches these days.

With several sellers listing them on eBay already for $1000 buck Buy-It-Nows, it seems pretty obvious why each photo below became a reality. 

Simple greed.

How do you feel about the state of the game as it relates to reselling Jordan's latest launch? Does the fact that people are apparently showing no restraint when it comes to reselling make you less excited about the brand or your chances of trying to cop future releases?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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