words // Nick DePaula

I'm not a huge movie buff, so I'll direct you here for more background on ParaNorman, a new 3D stop-motion animated film coming soon. 

The key piece of info relevant to your interests is that the movie is produced by Laika, the animation studio that boasts Phil Knight as its Chairman and his son Travis Knight as President and CEO. Yes, that Phil Knight.

So there's the connection. It's not the first time that the studio has celebrated a film launch with a sneaker either, as the Coraline Dunk highlighted the movie of the same title's 2009 debut. 

As it pertains to the themed Foamposite below, you'll notice a silhouette of lead character Norman's head taken from the official movie poster along the heel, as well as a series "ZZZZZ" lettering along the pull tab. Norman is a kid that can talk to zombies, of course, and his town's survival just so happens to depend on that.

ParaNorman is slated to open on August 17th, but we've confirmed that the shoes are being made for "Friends & Family" only and won't be releasing in stores.