SN'EADS // Who Ain't Got No Yeezy?

words // Brandon Richard

SN'EADS is back for another round, with creator Tyree Dillihay tackling the biggest story in sneakers at the moment - the Nike Air Yeezy 2. In Ree's newly released fully animated and colored clip, the SN'EADS are on their way to a sneaker convention when they get an unexpected surprise from Jay-Z and  Mr. Air Yeezy 2 himself, Kanye West. Check out "Who Ain't Go No Yeezy?" below to see how events unfold.

Along with the new animated SN'EADS, Ree also shared a couple of other projects that he's been working on. First, he has released special edition art that he created for the original Air Yeezy. Prints are available for purchase in four pricing options, including stretched canvas limited to 10 pieces. Preview the collage below and visit to pick one up for yourself.

Also, for readers who'd like to get a better sense of the man behind SN'EADS, you can check out the LAX-JFK x REE interview at the bottom.

To keep up with Tyree and the massive amount of projects he has his hands in at the moment, shoot him a follow on Twitter and Instagram @sneadsbyree. Also, shout out to @sn3ak3r_fr3ak3r and @kustoo for their work on the latest episode.

Nike Air Yeezy by REE