Today's Reebok Question re-release can be described as nothing less than a rousing success, selling out at retailers nationwide in a matter of minutes. The bulk of Reebok's latest triumph has to go Classics Creative Director Swizz Beatz, who aggressively promoted the Question's return for the last month. To the victor goes the spoils, and for Swizz, and opportunity to share the spoils with the beautiful and talented Alicia Keys.

Showing her appreciation for her husband's hard work and congratulating him and Reebok on the success of the release, Alicia shared this photo of herself wearing the Questions on Instagram earlier today. We can only hope she's sharing a similar photo in true-to-form retros of the Kamikaze and Shaqnosis in the near future.

Alicia Keys wearing the Reebok Question White Red
Image via @AliciaKeys