words & image // Zack Schlemmer

Dear Nike,

Okay, let's just say it right away.  The Air Max 96 should be retroed.  Yes, the Air Max 95 is a classic and iconic shoe, but Nike, we've seen more than enough colorways, materials, no-sews, and whatever else you have designed it with.  Meanwhile, we have the Air Max 96, like the one appearing in this awesome ad featuring Michael Johnson, which has never seen a single retro.  That's now 16 years and counting without a return of one of your greatest Air Max runners ever!  We don't mean to be rude or ungrateful, we appreciate all the retros that you do for us...but please, if you could give the Air Max 95 a rest for just one season, and bring back some Air Max 96's, we would all appreciate it immensely.  We'd even settle for a few less colorways of the Air Max 90 if you could give us some 96's. 


Sneakerheads Everywhere