words // Steve Mullholand
images // Nick DePaula

The change in weather from my home in Key Largo to Portland is pretty damn significant, so the rotation has to change accordingly. Luckily, I have a ton of shoes to choose from when I arrive at the SC office and each mean something to me.

The SC Dunks are super beat as they're one of my favorite SC shoes to date. These were the shoes released at the Nike x Sole Collector sneaker event in Las Vegas way back on July of 2006 and that event was HUGE. Just knowing what that event meant to the sneaker community makes me damn proud to wear these. I have three pairs and this is the only one I've worn.

I bought the Supremes during one of my trips to Japan a few years back, in VNDS shape at LA Avenue in Tokyo for $200.  And yes, VNDS by the actual definition and not worn twenty times like some of the VNDS shoes up on the MP right now! If I'm not wearing the SC Vegas Dunks, you can usually catch me in these.

When it was all said and done, I had multiples of four colorways of the new Zoom Huaraches and they were really one of my surprise shoes of last year. I think the PlayStation Trainers are the best colorway and they're way more comfortable than I ever thought they were going to be. Luckily, Ron from Sony was able to hook me up with this super fine version that I've worn a ton.

The Asics are of course my go-to running shoes. I've gotten into a pretty good system of running around the neighborhood out here every morning and the Gel Kensei line is as good as it gets.

And the LeBrons... what can you say? They are just starting to be worn - in fact - this week was the first time I broke them out. I'm sure in a few years they will be as beat as the rest of the batch.

There you have it, my dependable rotation of kicks during my time in the great northwest.