words // Zack Schlemmer

Old school Detroit Pistons bad boy meets new school (well, old school now, also) Detroit Pistons good guy in these classic commercials from FILA for Grant Hill's third signature shoe, the GH3.  Bill Laimbeer, the baddest of the original Pistons Bad Boys, is concerned that Grant Hill is too nice and decides to put him through a rigorous bad boy boot camp to toughen him up. 

It must have worked because, Grant Hill, who is still in the NBA, has seemingly been playing forever.  The GH3 released in 1996 and was already his third signature shoe!  He's actually lasted longer than FILA in the NBA, who currently has no pros wearing their shoes.  Whether you miss FILA basketball shoes in the NBA or not, their presence in the mid to late 90's is an important part of sneaker history.  What's your favorite model from FILA's glory days?