words // Zack Schlemmer

This edition of Classic Commercials takes you all the way back to 1981 for an early Foot Locker spot featuring a young John Goodman.  You may know Goodman from Roseanne, The Big Lebowski, or for you younger readers, the voice of Sulley from Monsters, Inc.  Goodman is known today as a great and prolific actor that has appeared in many films, but he got his start in commercials like this awesome Foot Locker Ad.

You'll agree that Foot Locker and the shoe market in general have changed quite a bit since 1981 after you hear all of the brand names of shoes he lists off within the commercial.  Only about half of the brands he mentions are still around or more than just a very small specialty brand today.  To imagine a time when you could walk into a Foot Locker and try on some Mitre or Diadora kicks or expect to find some racquetball shoes is hard to do today.