words & image // Zack Schlemmer

Basketball legened and current Knicks telecaster Walt "Clyde" Frazier broke out an incredible tiger-striped suit for last night's broadcast of the Knicks vs. Hawks game, so today we bring you this equally incredible PUMA ad from 1985 with Clyde looking smooth in a fur coat with a big hat and a big cat for the PUMA Clyde basketball shoe.  

Anybody who knows anything about sneakers knows that the Clyde is one of the most classic sneakers of all time.  Originally designed for Frazier as a basketball shoe in the 1970's, the Clyde became a favorite shoe of the b-boy scene in the 80's and ranks right up there with the adidas Superstar as one of the most iconic shoes of 80's hip-hop. Because of its simple suede design, it was also a popular skate shoe (and probably influenced quite a few skate shoe designs throughout the years).  The Clyde lives on today as a popular casual sneaker worn by practically anybody.  While most of us probably can't pull off Clyde's flashy wardrobe, we can definitely all wear the PUMA Clyde because of it's timeless, clean design.  Like the ad says, they are the "essence of cool".