adidas Originals Facebook Cover Tool (2)

words // Brandon Richard

Giving Facebook users the ability to express their originality, adidas has announced the release of the adidas Originals Cover Tool. With the application, users are provided with tools that allow them to create and customize their own Facebook covers. Additionally, with Valentine's Day around the corner, adidas has made a special set of tools and tokens available for those looking to show a little love on their profiles.

The adidas Originals Cover Tool coincides with Facebook's new Timeline feature, which allows users to post information chronologically within their profile page and provides a large canvas with which users can express individual style. A variety of items can be chosen within the Cover Tool, such as illustrations, fun icons, backgrounds, fonts, colors and speech bubbles. Each option enables users to fully customize their profile cover, based on their own interests and lifestyle.

Available free of charge, the adidas Originals Cover Tool will be updated on a regular basis, reflecting seasonality, new style trends and points of interest. Stop by to customize your Facebook profile today.

adidas Originals Facebook Cover Tool (1)