words & interview // Nick DePaula

In the second part of our exclusive interview with Under Armour's Ryan Drew and John Humphrey, we get into the color stories that the team plans on telling throughout the season in Brandon Jennings' second signature shoe, the new Micro G Bloodline.

As Ryan mentions, the days of a player wearing one version of his shoe during the first half of the season, a special version for All-Star weekend and one last getup to close out the year are largely over. Players get bored, and we definitely get bored as collectors.

Check out a look at the Bloodline and the stories that help to explain Brandon's path, from the green-based Rowley Park version to the Roma-based blue and red colorway, and of course, the wild as hell "Hunter" edition.

For exclusive photos of fifteen colorways and even more on the Under Armour Micro G Bloodline, be sure to check out the January iPad Issue of Sole Collector launching soon.