words // Zack Schlemmer

This is by far one of the most classic sneaker commercials ever for one of the most classic basketball shoes of all time. In today's ad, check out this group of 1980's basketball stars rapping about their favorite shoe, the Converse Weapon.  Just listen and let the lyrical skills of Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Kevin McHale, Mark Aquirre, Bernard King, and Larry Bird serenade you as you get a look at a few team colors (the Celtics traditionally wore black shoes throughout the 80's) of the Weapon.

The Converse Weapon was released in 1986 and at the time, was one of the flashiest basketball shoes available.  Made in a wide variety of colorways to match almost any team's uniform, the Weapon was a favorite of basketball players everywhere.  This commercial also shows Converse's dominance of the NBA sneaker market in the 1980's since the players featured were some of the biggest stars of the time. Obviously, things have changed for Converse. If there was a commercial of the top NBA superstars rapping about a shoe today, it would be from Nike, who now owns Converse.

Do you have a favorite colorway of the Weapon in this ad?  Which player has the best flow?  Share your thoughts below!