words // Zack Schlemmer

We all know the impact Allen Iverson had on the NBA after coming to the league in 1996.  With his all-offense street style of play, tattoos, braided hair, and rap star lifestyle, he was a nightmare to basketball purists.  While the more conservative basketball followers were not his biggest admirers, AI was a hero to many of the younger hip-hop oriented basketball players and fans.  Iverson's importance to the modern game of basketball is right behind a certain player named Michael Jordan.

You could go on and on and probably write an essay or an entire book about Iverson's influence on the game of basketball, but instead let's just check out this commercial for now.  In this ad which is an all-time classic for Reebok, we get basically a short music video with Jadakiss for the Answer 5.  From 2001 and the days of headbands, insanely baggy shorts, and throwback jerseys, Jada raps about AI and the A5, while we watch Iverson's skills in action.  The A5 may not be Iverson's most celebrated sneaker from Reebok, but this is definitely his best commercial.