Reebok Blast 2012 Meek Mill 1

words // Brandon Richard

A throwback to former Los Angeles Lakers point guard Nick Van Exel's footwear of choice during the 1995-1996 season, Reebok is bringing back their popular Blast model, but probably not the way you expected. The 2012 version of the Blast retains the flared heel design that gives the shoe its name, but now sits atop Hexalite cushioning and tooling similar to that of the Kamikaze III.

Pictured below on the feet of rapper Meek Mill during the "Reebok Back" shoot, the new Reebok Blast will be available in Black/White/Excellent Red/Salty Grey this December.

Fans of the original Blast, are you satisfied with how these turned out?

Reebok Blast 2012 Meek Mill 2

Reebok Blast 2012 Meek Mill 3

Reebok Blast 2012 Meek Mill 4