words // Zack Schlemmer

For this week's commercial I wanted to go with the Halloween theme, but couldn't find any Halloween-related shoe commercials. Larry Johnson as Grandmama with strange basketball playing elves (munchkins?) was the closest I could find.

Just like Lil' Penny from Nike who we saw last week, Grandmama is one of the best ad campaigns ever from Converse.  Also like Lil' Penny, Grandmama transcended TV advertisements and became a part of pop culture.  Grandmama even made it into an episode of Family Matters.  There was a time, at least at my elementary school, where having some Converse Grandmama shoes was cooler than anything from Jordan or Nike.

The Converse Back Jam from 1994 is one of the favorites of Larry Johnson's signature line with Converse.  The most teched out of the line, the Back Jam had an ankle strap, inner boot for snug fit, and REACT Juice in not only the heel, but the ankle as well.  While the performance of REACT Juice on your ankle is questionable, it still looks cool!