words // Steve Mullholand

I haven't been this excited about launching a new site since 2002 when we originally launched ISS. There are really two monumental events that happened to get us to where we are at today. The first Jordan issue in 2004 put us on the map in the print world, but that issue would have NEVER happened if a little site called ISS wasn't started. Back in 2002, I decided to branch off from the EzBoards and loosen up the rules of other forums and start my own forum. I didn't know what I was doing, but I knew I didn't want to do what everyone else did… plus I don't like following rules anyway. So in July of 2002, I started ISS the messageboard.
By the end of that July, we had exactly 97 registered users! Every new company has to start somewhere but wow… 97 users back then and now over 250,000. It's truly an amazing testament to our community and Admin / Mod team. Even though it is commonplace to have sneaker forums broken out in categories like Jordan and Nike Basketball, back in the day we were the first to do so and one of the first to have a Buying / Selling / Trading experience. And some of those subforums are still around to this day! Some are gone too, of course, like the Jokes forum - I'm sure that one didn't last long. But hey, if you don't try new things then you'll never grow.
If you look at the site today you'll see that we have grown a TON. We have some old favorites with facelifts like the Forum, Marketplace and Blog, as well as wholly new areas like the Archive, Release Dates and Kicksology. The beauty of this new site is that all of the code was developed in-house so we can extend and connect anything throughout the site. The forum section is the exact same look and feel as the comment section on the blog, so things are much more consistent.
Later tonight I'll put together a list of new features this website holds as well as what has changed, what is being done differently and what has been dropped. But for now - buzz through the site and give us some feedback. We're bound to have some issues the first few days, but give us a week and Stuart, the main man behind the code, will have things fixed up - !
Enjoy my friends!