Videos: adidas adiZero 5-Star vs. The Other Guys - You Can't Fake The Lightest

words // Brandon Richard

Adidas continues their aggressive lightweight footwear marketing approach, this time taking it to the gridiron where the brand has introduced the lightest football cleat on the market, the adidas adiZero 5-Star. Tipping the scales at just 6.9 ounces, the adiZero 5-Star weighs in at almost 3 ounces less than its nearest competitor.

To further emphasize that point, adidas has ran a series of tests similar to the ones they ran with the adiZero Crazy Light basketball shoe, cutting competing cleats down to size to match the weight of their flagship. Check out the comparisons in the new videos released by adidas below.

If you're still a skeptic or just find yourself fascinated with how light the adiZero 5-Star is, there are some additional weigh-ins being hosted on the adidas Football Facebook page. Under the "weigh in" tab, you can see the 5-Star weighed against various objects like a sandwich, football helmet, laptop, pinata and pineapple. Additionally, adidas will host a live stream on Friday at 7 p.m. EST that will allow fans to see live weigh-ins based on their own suggestions.