words // Nick DePaula

If you've been doing your homework, you already know how Nike's Hyperfuse began. If not, there's luckily a new playful video from Nike's Innovation Kitchen that helps to tell the story.

A whole new approach to construction, the insight was pretty simple, as Nike Innovator (always a cool title) Shane Kohatsu was visiting China several summers ago, and noticed a large amount of hoopers were playing basketball outdoors, in brutal heat, and with destroyed sneakers.

Perhaps breathability and durability would be things they'd be interested in?

The composite fused pattern known as Hyperfuse became a solution some two years later, and because the performance-first upper also happens to look pretty damn cool, we'll be seeing it incorporated in several classic Sportswear models beginning this season.

Enjoy a goofy look at the beginning of Hyperfuse in the first of a new video series from Nike, and get ready to see Fuse technology really blow up through the rest of the year.