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For this week's Kicks On Cards weekly recap, we take a look back at the glorious late 80's and early 90's. A time when sneakers were as bulky as humanly possible, like the Air Force V, and when Knicks players branched out on their own and released a shoe the public actually wanted.

Other sightings in this week's round-up include the all-time short people's champ Spud Webb throwing down his memorable title-clinching '87 slam in the Pony City Wings Lo, as well as a prime-era Ron Harper and a classically cool PUMA Clyde print ad.

Who's Matt Fish? I too have no idea.

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Derrick Coleman -- Nike Air Force V

Matt Fish -- Nike Air Force Strong

Patrick Ewing -- Ewing Brand

Walt "Clyde" Frazier -- PUMA Clyde original print ad:

Spud Webb -- Pony City Wings Lo

Ron Harper -- Nike Air Bound 2