words & images // Brian Moughty 

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It's been a while since we have given the readers a 4 Cent Friday, as we've been very busy with clients and official projects (!!), but I wanted to give you guys something to read and look at. This isn't as extensive as past entries, due to the fact that I am currently wrapping up my final year of school, working with companies and getting ready to head off to Oregon for Pensole and Future Sole, but this week, we wanted to explore the variety of 4 Cent Design.
This is a two part project, as fellow designer Matt DeAlmeida and I set out to create a new wave of both a football cleat and soccer boot. We both wanted to look at a new way to introduce the cleat for each respective field and the future athletes. Matt took the soccer cleat, and I went with football.
Athletes will only continue to grow and get stronger and faster. I wanted to create a shoe that would support a defensive end ready to come off the end and attack a QB. This meant a shoe that would support the foot, without restricting it, or slowing down the athlete. Spatting is also very popular in the football world, which I wanted to try and reduce, as it completely hides the shoe. 
The first big feature of the shoe is the carbon fiber support panels. This is meant to hold the foot in place, but I made sure to cut it low, so that it wouldn't be too restrictive. The big diamond piece at the ankle is a padded foam to support the ankle, but is scored diagonally to again not be too restrictive on the foot. The idea is to support the ankle, while also allowing the athlete to not have to think about the piece or feel it. There are two open cuts at the midfoot to allow flex, while internal straps and laces add the support needed as previously mentioned.
Hope you enjoy a look at my perspective on football, and stay tuned for Matt's take on the future of soccer.
Also, our site is currently down for maintenance, so anyone trying to reach us can at brian@4centdesign.com.