words // Nick DePaula

I mean, Zac and I really like Zvezdochkas, and people don't remotely understand that, so I guess this is sort of the same thing.

Apparently, pointy boots are all the rage in parts of Mexico these days. Yes, as in, the boots you see above with at times more than a foot of extended leather or rubber added on and curving out from the toe box.

They've been taking over both the streets and night clubs of Matehuala, a city in northeast Mexico, and the trend seems to have pretty straightforward logic, if you ask me. “Girls wouldn’t dance with you if you didn’t have pointy boots," says resident Pascual Escobedo. "And I wanted to dance.”

If that's what it takes, I guess I understand. Check out the video below detailing the phenomenon and the process of how pointy boots are made.

Would you rock them? (Keep in mind you guys -- girls won't dance with you otherwise.)