words & renderings // Ethan Dean

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After seeing Matt’s initial ideas in last week's 4 Cent Friday post, I took some visual cues from Matt’s sketches, such as the dynamic lines inspired by Mayweather’s fighting style and showman personality. I messed around with both mid and low ideas, and on a few sketches I played around with the idea of an ankle brace and a strap across the forefoot.  I also included a kind of architectural form on the side that may provide for extra support and a more secure fit. 

On a few midsoles, I played around with the idea of an outrigger in the forefoot to help brace Mayweather on lateral cuts. I was looking for long powerful gesture lines cutting through the shoe, alluding to the lines you would see on any one of his cars.

All the while, I was thinking of materials. They need to be durable and have the ability to withstand sweat, abrasion, wear and tear.  On the majority of the sketches, I was thinking of a leather or suede material in the uppers, with some mesh accents.  The outsoles would be rubber.  

Enjoy a look below at several sketches inspired by Floyd Mayweather's style that is an evolution of Matt's initial thumbnail sketchwork and Brian's initial research. Next week we’ll continue the process by finalizing a design. 

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