adidas adiZero Crazy Light vs. "The Other Guys" - Round 4

words // Brandon Richard

The next round of adidas' "adiZero Crazy Light vs. The Other Guys" is very intriguing because of the participants involved. On one hand, you have the lightest basketball sneaker ever created, the adiZero Crazy Light. On the other is Dwyane Wade's first Jordan Brand signature shoe, the Fly Wade, which has been marketed as the lightest Jordan performance product to date. Weighing in somewhere between 13 and 14 ounces, the Fly Wade is downsized to match the Crazy Light's 9.8 ounce frame with the help of a battle axe.

Once again we note that according to adidas, these tests were conducted several times to ensure weight accuracy. Check out Round 4 of "adiZero Crazy Light vs. The Other Guys" below.