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The NBA's All-Star Weekend figures to be a busy one for Los Angeles Clippers rookie phenom Blake Griffin. The leading candidate for Rookie of the Year has been selected to participate in both the Rookie/Sophomore and All-Star Games, as well as the 2011 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

While the All-Star Game being played in front of the Los Angeles faithful is certainly an exciting ordeal, the basketball world is buzzing about what Blake has up his sleeves for the Dunk Contest. With the athleticism of Wilkins and the aggression of Kemp, Griffin has been labeled as the best in-game dunker since Vince Carter. Can those in-game dunks translate to a memorable Dunk Contest?

Nike seems to think so, and to show their support for Blake's big night, they've created a special t-shirt for the occasion. Done in Clipper blue cotton, the shirt features a red numerical "10.0" graphic on the front and the words spelled out on the back. Each figure features a cracked stone print, alluding to both a 'Perfect 10' dunk score and an Epic earthquake measurement on the Richter Scale.

The Blake Griffin Dunk Tee will be available to purchase at NikeStore on February 19th.

02/19/11 Blake Griffin Dunk Tee
26623X-040 Royal Blue

Nike Blake Griffin Dunk Tee

Nike Blake Griffin Dunk Tee

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