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There's no doubt that ankle sprains account for majority of the injuries suffered while playing basketball. In fact, there are more than 1 million visits to the Emergency Room anually due to ankle sprains. Not even halfway through this NBA season, 45 different NBA players have been sidelined due to injury with more than half of the cases being sprained ankles. Twisted ankles are the #1 orthopedic injury in the world, a fact that orthopedic radiologist Barry Katz has set out to change.

A former basketball player himself, Dr. Katz believes that the world's leading footwear brands haven't properly addressed the problem of ankle stablility. Along with a team of top doctors and experienced footwear designers, Katz developed Ektio shoes, billed as the first physician-designed sneakers specifically aimed at enhancing ankle stability. The brand gets its name from the Greek words “ektor” and “alexio,” meaning “defend” and “protect.”  Technology incorporated into the shoes is meant to replace the braces, tapes and other precautions athletes use prior to athletic competition.

Ektio shoes, which  claim to "marry" the foot to the shoe with double straps built into the wall of the shoe and anti-rollover bumpers on the lateral sole. Studies conducted by Drexel University's Dr. Sorin Seigler and Dr. Howard Hillstrom of the Hospital for Special Surgery showed that after much debate, a shoe of any height can be the cause of an ankle sprain. Further studies suggested that Ektio's anti-roll technology prevents ankle rollover without inhibiting mobility.

Two Ektio models are available to purchase today. First up is the Wraptor 2010, a high-cut shoe constructed in either leather or mesh. The Wraptor also features sections of patent leather, quilted stitching, a carbon fiber shank plate and Velcro fastened cross-straps. The second model is the three-quarter Post Up 2010. Leather, suede and mesh make up the upper on this shoe, which also gets help from the carbon fiber shank plate and double-action leather straps.

Endorsed by former New York Knick John Starks, the Ektio shoes are currently available on their official website. Look for the brand to surface at Eastbay, Finishline and Amazon in the coming weeks. Sizes run from 8-14 and retail is $199.

While every other shoe company is spending gazillions of dollars telling players why the embroidered lion on the tongue of the shoe makes it worth throwing down $160 bucks, we think, “who cares?” -  From the Ektio Press Release.

Interested in how the Ektio kicks perform? Sole Collector will be posting a Kicksology Review shortly. Stay tuned.

Ektio Wraptor 2010 - Black/Red

 Ektio Shoes Wraptor 2010 Black Red  Ektio Shoes Wraptor 2010 Black Red 

Ektio Wraptor 2010 - Grey/Light Blue

 Ektio Shoes Wraptor 2010 Grey Light Blue Ektio Shoes Wraptor 2010 Grey Light Blue

Ektio Post Up 2010 - Blue/Black

 Ektio Shoes Post Up 2010 Blue Black Ektio Shoes Post Up 2010 Blue Black