Collector's Spotlight: @kd35sneighbor

words_Brandon Richard

By now, you've probably seen the hilarious candid clips from Kevin Durant's overzealous next-door neighbor Mathias Murphy. In these clips, Mathias gives us a little look into the private life of Kevin Durant via spy cam and brother Lando's "Basketball Party" as an intro/outro track. What started off as a semi-stalker situation has blossomed into a beautiful friendship between KD and Mathias, and they're cranking out the comedic bits at a rapid pace.

However, Mathias took a little break from noseying around the life of Durant to give us a little insight into his own life. Fortunately for sneakerheads, that involves taking a look at his surprisingly dope sneaker collection. In his collection, which is stored in his father's wine cellar, we see kicks like the OG Air Max, "OG Blacktoes." OG "Cement" Air Jordan III, Kryptonate, Penny Foams, "Easter Egg" Air Force  1, "Scoring Title" KD II, "McFly" Hyperdunk, equestrian boots, bowling shoes and...well, you get the point.

Check out the video below to see Mathias' heat, and be on the lookout for more things from KD's neighbor. Earlier today, he hinted at a new project with Nike. Will Mathias be the Mars Blackmon to Durant's Michael Jordan? Stay tuned!

via kd35sneighbor